Music Instructors

We pride ourselves on our passionate team of the best guitar teachers, piano teachers, drum teachers and more in Hong Kong, New York, Sydney and Melbourne. Check out their profiles for info on their impressive musical backgrounds and accomplishments! 

Hong Kong Instructors


Tenor Sax, Bari sax, flute

Menandro "Jojo" grew up in a family of musicians. He started learning wind instruments and piano at the age of 8. 

His passion led him to pursue a Bachelor of Music, majoring in Saxophone at the University of the Philippines Diliman.

He went on to work with Sony BMG Music Philippines as a recording and performing artist and was later awarded a Gold Record Label Award. 

Later on, he was recruited by Hong Kong Disneyland as bandleader of both Marching and Six Piece Dixie groups.

Hui Wen

Hong Kong Piano Teacher

Piano Teacher

Hui Wen has been playing the piano since the age of 7, and she is passionate about sharing the joy of the instrument with others. 

Much of her previous work experience has been working with kids, which she thoroughly enjoys. She is certified with ABRSM Grade 8, and had been invited to perform in a several public events. She is also able to communicate fluently in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.


Zen Music Guitar Teachers for Kids Hong Kong

drums, piano and guitar teacher

Zerron is a producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist performer. During his varied and impressive career, he has created music professionally for films, video games, and various singers and rappers.

He also performs professionally at numerous prestigious hotels and other venues in Hong Kong. He plays with several different bands in a variety of genres, and also performs his own original music under the stage name "fiXion"   


Zen Music Guitar Teacher Kids HK

guitar and ukulele teacher

Michael was born in the English city of Wakefield, and in the early 1990s relocated to London. A Graduate of the Guitar Institute (now the ICMP - London) he then progressed to London College of Music and became a Registered Guitar Tutor (RGT). 

During a long career in Financial Services, he also played guitar with several British rock bands in London. In late 2020 he decided to relocate to Hong Kong and is already gigging with local bands hosting open mic nights. 


Zen Music Piano Teachers HK

Piano teacher

Joanna has been passionate about music since her first piano lesson at the age of 6. Since a young age, she has been participating and leading in various musical performances, ensembles and competitions. 

She has now turned her passion for music towards sharing it with others, and has years of experience teaching piano to children, special needs children, and adults. 


Zen Music Ukulele Teacher for Kids Hong Kong

piano and ukulele teacher

Emilie's musical journey began when she started taking piano lessons as a young child. She then went on to become an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, learning the violin, ukulele and voice. 

She has performed as Pianist and as First Violin in the DBIS Orchestra, and as First Soprano in the DBIS Choir, and has several years of experience teaching piano lessons and ukulele lessons for kids. 


Piano and drum teacher

Alex recently completed his studies in music at the University of Birmingham. During his time there, he served as the principal percussionist for both the symphonic and philharmonic orchestras, as well as the brass band.

Alex has competed in several national and international brass band competitions and was also a member of his county's music service from the age of 10 to 18. He has been playing the piano since the age of six and the drums since the age of ten.


Piano Teacher

Jessica has been playing the piano since she was four, having studied classical piano performance in her hometown of Jakarta. Her years of training have left her with a deep appreciation for classical pieces, but she also loves to come up with her own arrangements for all kinds of popular music.

She has performed in various ensembles and recitals over the years, and received a Cambridge Outstanding Learner’s Award for Music in 2017. She is passionate about introducing piano playing to everyone, and enjoys working with kids in particular.


Zen Music Guitar Teachers Kids Hong Kong

saxophone, bamboo flute and guitar teacher

Felix grew up in a music-rich upbringing, being exposed to various types of music from a young age. He first tried playing the guitar around ages of 7. Prior to that he was an avid recorder player, which was later redirected to traditional bamboo flute and saxophone, both of which he obtained grade 8 certificates for in high school. 

Felix later attended University of Surrey for a degree in Music. While studying there, he joined the University Band Society and as a committee member, received the first ever Platinum Society Award from Student’s Union for excellent services and events provided by Bandsoc, and two consecutive years of Gold Society Award.


Zen Music Guitar Teacher HK

Guitar and ukulele teacher

César has been playing the guitar since the age of 8. He has taken part in a number of stage performances with various bands as well as solo. He is a versatile musician and enjoys playing in styles ranging from rock to funk and blues. 

He has experience working with children as both a performer and as a teacher. He is passionate about helping others express their creativity and develop a continuing love for music by finding what resonates with them. 



Zen Music Flute Teacher Hong Kong

FLUTE teacher

Ramil Ranera is an accomplished flautist, arranger and teacher who has been performing in high profile concerts since the early 90s. 

Shortly after getting his Bachelor's Degree in Flute, he was named winner of the National Competition for Young Artists from the Cultural Centre of the Phillipines. 

He then went on to perform at numerous concerts as both an orchestra member and band-leader, doing performances in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Korea and Indonesia. He is currently a resident performer at the Peninsula Hotel. 


Guitar Teacher Hong Kong

Guitar, Drums, Ukulele

Tony is a singer-composer-arranger and multi-instrumentalist performer.  His original songs which he composed, arranged, sung, and played instrumental accompaniment and backup vocals are available on Youtube and Spotify under his stage name “rmnl25”.  His unique style is reminiscent of a combination of folk, pop, jazz, country and rock music. 

He has also spent years doing numerous performances at church venues and public events in Hong Kong and the Philippines, where he sings praise, worship and love songs, and shares his own original music. 

In addition to composing and performing, he is very passionate about teaching. Being a father and grandfather, himself, he particularly enjoys teaching kids.   


Zen Music Piano Teacher HK

Harmonium, Tabla and Singing teacher

Shamsher has a Master's degree in music and over twelve years of teaching experience in both group and one-on-one settings. 

He is well versed in both Western Classical and Indian Classical music theory and singing, and is very passionate about sharing the joy of music with his students. 


Piano and drum teacher

Dave is a highly skilled music teacher with a passion for jazz. He holds two diplomas in jazz piano performance from the University of West London.

Additionally, he is an accomplished drummer, having graduated with certification equivalent to grade-8 Trinity Drumming from Modern Kawai, being the first in Indonesia to achieve a perfect grade and graduate from the music school in drumming.

He is the president and founder of Shun Hing College Music Club, which is dedicated to promoting musical education and appreciation on his campus at HKU, and he continually seeks out ways to share the joy of music through both performance and teaching. 


Zen Music Piano Class Hong Kong

PIANO teacher

Michelle has been playing the piano since she was five years old. Since then she has gone on to win multiple awards for both her piano playing and her teaching. 

She is certified at ABRSM Grade 8, both Practical and Theory, and she teaches in fluent English, Cantonese and Mandarin. 


Zen Music Singing Teacher Hong Kong

Singing teacher

Born into a musical family, Enrico was taking professional vocal training with his mother from early childhood. 

He has gone on to sing professionally in stage performances, on television, in commercials and in choral recitals. 

He has classical voice training, but has a passion for singing in all genres with jazz, pop and rock being his favourites. 


Zen Music Learn Guitar Hong Kong

ukulele and guitar teacher

Jen is an active member of Hong Kong's vibrant music community. 

She participates in the Hong Kong JIL Choir, performs regularly as a guitarist for her church, and is also a prolific YouTube vlogger. 

She has many years of teaching experience and is passionate about sharing the joy of music with others as a guitar and ukulele teacher.  


Zen Music Drum Teacher Hong Kong

drums and guitar teacher

Rico is an accomplished guitarist and drummer who has been prominent in the Hong Kong music scene for over 15 years.

He has done professional performances at virtually every music venue in the city, especially in the cultural hotspots of Lan Kwai Fong, Tsim Tsa Shui and Wan Chai. 

He specializes in contemporary music, including rock, blues, pop, hip hop, RnB, alternative rock and soul. 


Zen Music Learn Guitar Kids HK

drums, ukulele and guitar teacher

Coming from a family of musicians, Piel learned how to play the guitar at the age of 12. Since then, the learning has never stopped and by the age of 21 he had become a professional musician. His career has taken him around the world, performing along with famous musicians such as The Platters, The Drifters and many more.

 A seasoned musician with years of experience in the entertainment and music industry in Hong Kong and the international scene, Piel found his passion in teaching music to younger generations of musicians. He hopes to bring a positive energy and help students discover a new musical experience.


Zen Music Drum Teachers HK

drum teacher

Aryan first discovered his passion for music at the age of 5 when he learned to play the traditional Indian drum known as the Mridangam. 

He soon transitioned into playing the drum kit and took formal training as a drummer. Since then he has developed his musical skills by playing in numerous bands on stage, in bars, at annual events, classical shows and school competitions. 

He is currently the drummer for a band called November Jamz, who specialize in covering rock songs at music bars in Hong Kong. He is now looking for an opportunity to spread the spirit of music to the next generation of musicians. 


Zen Music Piano Classes Hong Kong

PIANO, DRUMS, BASS and guitar teacher

Richard Steve Abellano is a passionate performer, songwriter and teacher specialising in the genres of Pop, Jazz, R&B, Latin and Rock. 

Over the years he has performed at many prestigious hotels in Hong Kong as well as major festivals and live events.


guitar and singing teacher

Wendell has been a professional cover artist in Hong Kong's vibrant music and restaurant scene for over twenty years. He loves performing in different genres and styles, ranging from pop, alternative rock, top 40s, oldies to modern chart songs. 

He's very passionate about teaching, and always makes it a priority to break down complex topics until they're fully understood by his students so that they can use the building blocks of what they've learned to further their own creative expression. 

Sydney Instructors


Piano and Voice Teacher

Carmen attained a Music Degree from AMPA in Sydney in 2017, winning an award for Most Outstanding Performance of an Original Work and since then has performed with her band Saturn Doll at numerous high-profile venues throughout Sydney, and as a solo singer-songwriter.

In 2019 she also worked as a composer on two different theatre productions - Lennie Lawson and A Poison Crown -The Louisa Lawson Story. Both were performed at the Rocks Museum and sold out.

Carmen enjoys teaching students of all ages and levels in either Classical, Jazz Pop and Rock music styles and has prepared students for exams and recitals in both piano and singing and also encouraged students to sing and accompany themselves at piano.


Sydney guitar teacher sydney piano teacher

Guitar, Piano, Drums and Ukulele teacher

Bryce is a final year Masters of Education student, with a double major in Music Education. 

His passion for sharing the joy of music has lead him to to a variety of teaching scenarios, having taught hundreds of students one-on-one as well as in groups. 

He has worked with schools and extra-curricular program organizations such as Create East, as well as organizing some himself such as his highly successful Rock Camp. 

He also performs professionally in a diverse range of genres such as Solo Classical, Flamenco and Blues Guitar, World Music and Soul/Jazz and Prog Rock.


Guitar Teacher

Mike is originally from Ireland and has been living in Sydney for the past year. He started playing guitar when he was 12, learning from a number of teachers and also taking influence from his older brother. His musical interests are wide in variety including classic rock, folk, pop, indie, country/western and even hip-hop. He enjoys jamming with friends and entertaining at parties. 

Mike taught English for 6 months in Ho Chi Minh city while traveling SE Asia in 2019 and having loved this experience is excited to teach again, passing on his knowledge of music and playing guitar. Mike places a huge emphasis on enjoyment and expressing oneself when playing music...because that's what it's all about. 


Guitar, bass guitar and ukulele teacher

Eye began her musical life in Thailand at the age of 12 where she took lessons from Yamaha music school. 

Since then, she went on to obtain a full music scholarship to College of Music, Mahidol University of Thailand. 

She graduated with honours with a bachelor's degree in music, and since then she has been spending her time performing in competitions as well as sharing the joy of music with others in one-on-one lessons. 


Sydney Guitar Lessons Sydney Piano Lessons

Guitar Teacher

Bart, or Don West as he's known professionally, first picked up a guitar at age eleven and hasn’t put it down since! He's toured all over the world playing guitar for Sons of the East and his own original music project, Don West. Now you’ll find him playing in pubs and bars all across Sydney. 

He was raised on blues and soul but also loves rock and roll and RnB. He always loves discovering new music and artists and he can’t wait to help you discover your own love for music!

New York Instructors


New York Guitar Teacher New York Piano Teacher

Guitar, Piano, Bass guitar and Ukulele Teacher

Stephen grew up in Dublin, Ireland, and picked up the guitar as a child. He learned from his father and eagerly explored this new world of music with his friends. When Stephen moved to the bass he took private lessons and fed his growing passion by learning piano and music theory.

Stephen moved to Brooklyn, New York in 2014 and started teaching music. He has spent many years gigging around New York City. He also took music classes at Borough of Manhattan Community College. Stephen is a songwriter/producer and releases his own original music as Cleary’s Corner.

Admin Staff

Head Instructor/ Co-Founder

James Cook is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, and an award-winning performer and composer. He began his musical journey at the age of nine, when he picked up his dad's old acoustic guitar. Since then he has gone on to perform professionally in a variety of bands, as well as performing his own original music and composing original scores for independent filmmakers. 

He holds a Diploma in Music Composition from the Vancouver Community College School of Music, where he was the recipient of the 2016 One to Watch Award for "Outstanding innovation in Music Composition and/or Performance." 

Based on his years of experience as both a teacher and a lifetime-learner of music, James believes that music education should be inspiring and fun.

He has become adept at creating custom versions of his students' favourite songs, tailored to their goals and skill level. This way they can start sounding like rock stars right away, even while learning valuable skills. 

James also believes in a holistic approach to music learning. He and the Zen Music staff take care to nurture a musical awareness in their students, and to help them understand how music works so that they develop a fluency that will serve them well for life in their musical journey. 

Head of Operations/ Co-Founder

Eshana Sharma is a multi-instrumentalist from Canada. She is a classically trained vocalist with a background in competitive musical theatre, and the winner of several "Kiwanis Music Festival Association" awards. In addition to singing, she is also a self-taught pianist, guitarist and bassist. 

Her passion for music has lead her to perform professionally in Hong Kong, Vancouver and New York as a vocalist. She has a broad repertoire including genres ranging from jazz to pop. Her favourite song to perform is "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor. 

Lead Administrator

Daniel is an accomplished educator and football player who began his career by playing football professionally for the national Lebanese football team.

He went on to obtain a bachelor's degree in Physical Education, and worked for several years as a teacher and activities coordinator. Later he founded the first ever football school in Lebanon. 

Currently he is residing in Ukraine, where on top of his work with Zen Music he is also working as a football agent and a real estate agent.